Sometimes I feel I am one of the happiest men since I could meet interesting people through my lecturing works. This day, I met Mr. I who had some difficulty in this body but he fully participated my training and even enjoyed a lot (including a drinking party). In the training, I also learned a lot through communicating with interesting participants like him.

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a0035150_15092069.jpg先月のバレンタインデーにチョコをもらったという愚息。(ちくしょー、父よりモテルとは!怒) 姉に助けられて、ホワイトデーのクッキーづくりをしています。もちろん母も手伝い、結構大がかりなホワイトデー準備となりました。(来年は100円ショップでいいんでないの? ←ひがみ)
My son is making a couples of cookies with the help of his elder sister for the day of White-day, the day in which the men give some presents to the ladies in return of the Valentine day. He will give these cookies for his female friends. His father (me!) was jealous! :(

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a0035150_14555854.jpg青年の船で帰国した翌日から家族で、猪苗代スキー場にいってきました。実はこの日は三好家にとって初めてのスキー体験。私は10+年ぶり、妻は15+年ぶり、娘初体験、息子初体験、というぐらいの初めてぶり! スキー教室にはいって、妻と娘は無事にボーゲンぐらいはできるようになり、息子は途中離脱の雪遊び。そして室内プールにごきげん。父は部屋でぐったり、のんびり・・・。と、よくわからないですが、楽しいスキー体験となりました。
On the next day of my arrival to Tokyo bay after 30+days on-the-ship tripping, I took my family to a ski resort named "Inawashiro" a small ski town in Fukushima. It was the first experience of skiing for my children, my son and my daughter. After learning in a ski school, my daughter could do skiing, while my son escaped the school! to enjoy playing with the snow mostly. But finally he also could do skiing.

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a0035150_09090207.jpg ニュージーランドを出航して3日後、フィジーはスバに到着しました。スバは首都で、海はきれいではありませんが、港町の喧噪と、美しい朝焼けの似合う町です。
 フィジーのあとには、ソロモン諸島へむけて出発です。 ソロモンで世界大戦時に、2万人の日本兵が亡くなったそうです。 青年の船で屈託なく笑いあう日本人と海外人材をみていると、平和だな・・・、と思いました。
a0035150_09125142.jpg この船の生活もあとすこし、パーティー大好きな参加青年たちにも、終わりが近づいて「焦り」が見え始めています。良い兆し。
-------- ENGLISH----------
After leaving New Zealand, we have arrived at Suva Port, Fiji Island. Suva is the capital and its sea-side is not clean/beautiful :( but I enjoy watching a busy port town life here with a beautiful sun-rise.
Here in Fiji, I visited one of the local villages with PYs (Participating Youth).
a0035150_09161811.jpg After Fiji, we headed to Solomon islands where 20,000 Japanese young solders lost their lives. Now I see Japanese young people enjoy life with oversea people on the ship. May this peace continue.
This ship-trip has only 10+ days to go before the end. This fact gives some PYs (loving "party nights"! yeah!) the moments to think seriously about what was their purposes for this project.
I am very curious how they will change their views during this critical moments.
Maybe, this time is also a good moment for me to think about my life...
The trip goes on.

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a0035150_08104829.jpg 10日間の航海を経て、バヌアツ(南洋)につきました。wifiがやっとつながったので、久しぶりにアップします。
a0035150_08141445.jpgAfter 10 days on the ocean,I have arrived at Vanuatu, Port Vila, then "finally" I had access to Wifi.
On the ship (Ship for the World Youth: SWY 29), about 240 young people all over the world came on the ship to spend 33 days together to learn several skills including Project Management, which I will teach.
At the first week, influenza virus was spreading among people, so we had to struggle to control the pandemic by our wisdom and skills. It was a very hard but useful experience for all of us.
In the National Presentations, we recognized prides of people's countries and share happiness together.
Now we are heading to New Zealand.: )

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I will spend 1 month on the sea through Ship for World Youth Leaders as an adviser with 240 young people from the world. I started off now! See you soon!?

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Annual worshiping day at Oji Shrine Temple for safety of my family and my voyage of the Ship for World Youth to New Zealand .

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PCM Tokyo新年会2017

a0035150_22112799.jpg PCM TokyoというNPOの理事長をしていますが、その新年勉強会が四ツ谷で開催しました。 参加型プロジェクトマネジメントの話、グローバル&ローカルな地域組織の話、人財育成キャリアコンサルティングの話、"まちくえすと"(宝探しアプリ)の話、バーチャートを引かないPMの話、古代遺物の保存マネジメントの話などなど、れぞれが10分話をしては、その話題でみんなでワイワイ。お酒も飲みながら知的に盛り上がるという会でした。
"PCM Tokyo" New Year Seminar in Tokyo! I am a chairman of the board of the Non-Profit Organization in which we had a very nice time with intellectual talks and drinks making us more intellectual??

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雪遊び in 猪苗代

I took my family to Inawashiro Ski Resort, where my children were so excited to play in /with snow! My family spent 9 years in Zambia, Africa, so "playing in/with snow" is one of their dreams.

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a0035150_11175767.jpg龍谷大学で地域おこしセミナー地域おこしセミナーのパンフレットやってきました!! 京都龍谷大学にて、「地域おこし」の日本と途上国との共通点と違いについて、座談会の司会をしました。 現場からの視点の笹川さん(元地域おこし協力隊)、そして学術的な視点からの西川先生(農村開発)、それぞれからの楽しい議論の火花を楽しみました。本当にいい議論だったので、いつか公開します。
I am at Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan to facilitate the discussions of community development in Japan and Other countries, with professor Nishikawa and Ms. Sasakawa.

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