A end-of-year gathering with my friends since my 20s. Celebrating for the sustainable friendship for 20+ years!! I used to play a rock guitar with these friends in my university days.

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I have been to Nanbu Town, Tohoku Prefecture to conduct interview surveys about community development. It snowed on the day I visited, and I loved to watch snow falling silently. I met "very warm-heart" people in the cold town.

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On the day of Christmas Eve, I took my son Yuki to Odaiba Shopping Mall where so many young couples were strolling around. Yuki took the best sight-view position in Yukikamome Train which is fully operated by a computer.

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テッペイさん♡アヤカさん おめでとう!

Mr. Takaka and Ms. Ideura got married on this day and I was invited as one of their many many friends. They have met in Zambia while I was working there too. In the wedding ceremony, I made a mini-speech on the toast (saying "Cheers") to open the ceremony.

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As a part of my works in the project, I visited the Egyptian Museum (Cairo) at "night"!! The project aims to transfering and conserving several precious items from this old museum to the new Grand Egyptian Museum. Anyway, I was very excited to visit the Night Museum!!!

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a0035150_14083630.jpgエジプト・カイロでのお仕事の休日。カイロから車で1時間ほどの「コプト教の修道院地区」Wadi El Natrun にいきました。4世紀から続く修道僧の生活。その歴史的な生活を粛々と続けていらっしゃる修道士の方に説明を受けて、本当に感動しました。
In a weekend holiday of my business stay in Cario, Egypt, I have visited Wadi El Natrun area where there are a number of monasteries of Coptic Christianity in Egypt dated back to 4 centuries. I have learned some histories told by one of the fathers. The hermits-life there has been continued up to now.

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I arrived at Cario city, Egypt. I joined to a team of professionals from Tokyo University of Arts to conduct a project "Great Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project". This is one of the largest JICA funded projects in the world, and the project is an arena on which Japanese and Egyptian conservators working together.

One of the merits to work in this project (in Egypt) is I can see beautiful old artifacts because the place is GEM-CC (Great Egyptian Museum Conservation Center).

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I took my children to a movie theater to watch "Fantastic beasts". The theater is located inside of a big shopping mall, which is now decorated with X-mass seasonal items.

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Today's my son Yuki's birthday! 6 years ago, he was born in Tokyo and he left to Zambia after 2 month. Now he can do anything he wants including putting so much white cream on this birthday cake. Happy Birthday Yuki. Enjoy your life in Japan, and somewhere in future.

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In one of the working days in Zambia, I happened to find this old poster of PaViDIA (Participatory Village Development in Isolated Areas). I had worked as Chief Advisor of this project for the final 2-year period. My memories....

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